Original desserts and cakes for Easter

Exit nests, eggs and lamb-shaped buns. This year, for our Easter cake, we want something original, something striking. So, we prepare carrot cakes, panna cottas or brioches, with seasonal fruit or good chocolate!

Discover our original dessert recipes for Easter

Long live seasonal fruits (and vegetables!)

And if the carrot cake became your best friend? In addition, rabbits love it, so we stay in the Easter theme! The carrot cake is simple to make, and allows you to change a little from the alternation of yogurt cake / chocolate cake. With its nuts and its sweet taste of carrot, it will amaze children. And to make it even more delicious, we prepare a nice icing, very simple with water and sugar, or more creamy thanks to the mascarpone whipped with icing sugar. A real treat.
As for seasonal fruits, April offers beautiful lemons, which can be used as pies or cake. The grapefruits and oranges are not to be outdone, and if we are lucky on the weather side, we will also find some strawberries!

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We put on a beautiful decoration

To give an Easter and spring look to any preparation, it is enough to bet on a colorful decoration. Sugar eggs maintained by a sugar-water-lemon glaze, will brighten up a simple cake, a chocolate cake, and even a brioche!
You can also embark on even more festive decorations. Like this cute and very easy Easter bunny. Take two round cakes (yogurt cake, homemade or store-bought). Use the first as the head, decorate it with candy to form the eyes and nose. Take the second cake, cut two half-moons, at two ends. Use the remaining central part to make the rabbit bow tie! And there you have it, a pretty Easter bunny with a few stabs!

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