Original recipes around gingerbread

Comforting sweetness of winter, gingerbread is a soft cake flavored with honey and 4 spices (pepper, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon). When the month of December approaches, this essential Christmas party accompanies mulled wine, of foie gras or comes in the form of a Gingerbread Man. As no one can resist this regressive institution, pick from our gourmet ideas and make gingerbread that will please the whole family.

A history of traditions ...

Gingerbread is one of these sweets that you can enjoy with your family over a chai tea or hot chocolate, it gives a balm to the heart and evokes in one bite all the magic of the Christmas holidays. The interest of a homemade gingerbread is the fact of being able to choose and dose the proportion of spices. Substitute nutmeg with star anise, replace cloves with ginger. But to make the perfect gingerbread, discover all of its preparation secrets. Finally, if you want to follow in the footsteps of a great chef, follow Jonathan Blot's recipe.

The soft texture and golden color of gingerbread are ideal for making edible decorations to place on the New Years Eve table, to have in an Advent calendar or to offer to your friends. Favorite companions of children (and adults!), The gingerbread men are cookie cutters and decorated with colored frosting. Thanks to our video, children will be able to get their hands dirty and make them very easy. Do not be afraid ! Gingerbread comes in all forms: Alsatian house or snow-covered fir trees, become a sculptor-pastry chef!

& innovations!

Gingerbread invites you into dishes (yes, it goes perfectly with salty, like terrines, cold meats or cheese) and desserts. To add pep and a touch of originality to a simple crumble, sprinkle your autumn fruits with a gingerbread / semi-salt butter mixture. Want to change from the traditional chocolate cupcake? Make them with gingerbread, a real regressive delight. And if, you test the gingerbread with tangerine jam ...

Have fun and let your creativity speak! Because in the kitchen, all fantasies are allowed. Gingerbread is, as its name suggests, a bread, so why not make mini-burgers by substituting the traditional sesame bread with gingerbread or by placing a generous slice of foie gras, more original and more fragrant than the age-old crumb toast.

By Anaïs Thiébaux

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