Pastel varnish, shall I get started?

Its assets are revealed
Pastel allows you to dare the color, without falling into too flashy or even fluorescent shades. It is available in a multitude of tones, all milky, from pink to green, including blue or orange. These soft colors are halftone, allowing you to even dare bold shades like yellow or green, whatever your age. Only obligation: wear short or almond nails, to avoid the 80's look.

The right tone for you
There is bound to be a shade made for you. The apricot is universal because it is suitable for all skin types. Yellow or green tones are easier to wear on skins that contrast like ebony skin tones. Finally, lilacs and sky blue are sublime on light skin.

The art of laying
The pastel varnish should be applied on a very smooth surface, without streaks, as it may mark them. So take care to polish the nail before applying a base (anti-streak if necessary), then apply the color. A first layer, thin, not very covering. A second, thicker, uniform, which gives a smooth finish and a well-curved effect. Finish with a top coat that ensures impeccable hold.

Thanks to Elsa Durrens, Press Manicure at Chanel.

Do you want to let yourself be tempted by these sugared almond colors? Find our favorite selection without further delay in the Pastel varnish slideshow: instructions for use.

Oil Pastels Varnish ► How to Seal and Protect (May 2020)

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