PHOTO. A so big sun (France 2): two actors of the series appear very in love

A big surprise for some. Obvious for others ... It seems that two actors of the successful soap opera Such a big sun, broadcast on France 2, be a couple in everyday life. They are Mélanie Robert (Manon Bastide) and Gary Guénaire (Théo Estrela).

And for good reason, the actress unveiled on her Instagram account, Sunday July 21, a snapshot that says a lot ... On this one, in black and white, we see her tenderly kissing her play partner. "Protect me", can we read in legend, "protect me" in French.

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If nothing is indicated concerning the nature of their relationship, everything suggests that Mélanie Robert and Gary Guénaire are madly in love with each other. And it could even be that the charm operated on the film sets ... If they live a love story every day, this is not the case on the screen. Indeed, in the series, they are linked by blood since they have the same father!

Very quickly, this publication aroused a lot of interest. Jeremy Banster, Julien Bastide's interpreter in the soap opera (their father), could not hide his immense joy. "I knew it ... my daughter ... my son ...", he wrote. Just like Internet users who hastened to congratulate this very pretty couple.

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protect me

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