Photo: Alessandra Sublet, without makeup, receives user reviews

Arriving in the West Indies last week, Alessandra Sublet participated in the launch of Sails of Saint-Barth of which she is godmother before joining the Run Eco Team association which fights against pollution. "The inhabitants of St Barthélemy mobilized this morning for a cleaner island! 1 run = 1 waste"she explains in caption of her Instagram photo.

But despite this nice message, Internet users stopped on another detail: his face without makeup. "Watch out for ultraviolet skin # miavril # hydration #biafine", "Wow, the skin took a lot", "Not very beautiful without makeup…"Some pretty harsh criticisms to which the host was quick to respond:"It's the filter I put on the photo that makes shadows on my skin".

So, what do you think ?

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The inhabitants of St Barthélémy mobilized this morning for a cleaner island! 1 run = 1 waste @run_eco_team #ecocitoyenne #tiru #makeourplanetgreatagain

A post shared by Al Sublet (@alessandra_sublet) on Apr 15, 2018 at 6:51 am PDT

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