Plate gifts: personalized cups & Christmas shortbread

Christmas shortbread wrapped in a decorated cup? Of course, this delicate attention will seduce your guests.


White or plain cardboard cups (large areas)

Colorful sheets of paper

Crystal paper


Glittery adhesive sheets or hologram

A compass

A pair of scissors


Christmas stickers (scrapbooking department)

How to do ?

Step 1

Wrap around fifteen Christmas cookies in crystal paper. Tie it on the top using a colored ribbon. Let the two ends of the bolduc hang. Set aside.

2nd step

If your cups are white, take the measurement of your cup (its height and circumference). Cut out a rectangle of colored paper. Glue your cup with paper glue and drop your colored paper rectangle on the cup. Smooth the paper well to remove any air bubbles.

Stage 3

With a compass, draw a circle 8 cm in diameter in sheets of glitter or hologram paper. This type of paper is generally self-adhesive. Remove the cover and place the brilliant circle on the middle of the cup. If this paper is not self-adhesive, stick it with paper glue. Glue a round sticker with Christmas motifs (3-4 cm in diameter) to the middle of the glossy circle. Vary the colors and patterns to make personalized plate gifts.

Step 4

Put your bag of Christmas shortbread cookies inside the decorated cup and place your small gifts on each plate or next to the glass.

Text: Anaïs Thiébaux

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