Potatoes, rice, pasta: our starchy recipes for a healthy and inexpensive comeback

Science says it all! Depriving your body of starchy foods is bad for our health, especially heart health. So for a back to school in great shape, we cook good healthy and inexpensive recipes based on our three favorite starchy foods: potatoes, rice and pasta.

Why eat potato?

Often considered the poor man's vegetable, the potato is just the opposite. From the starchy family it is therefore rich in carbohydrates. It also provides vegetable proteins, minerals and fibers. Very low in fat and full of water, it is easy to cook and adapts to many recipes. Economic, we find it all year on market stalls.

⋙ What to do with potatoes?

Cooked in a pan, in the oven (in a gratin or even a cake), cooked in water, it is eaten hot or cold, mashed, in salad, and even in a nest, accompanied by an egg. Very handy, the potato definitely has everything to please.

How do we cook it for the start of the school year? If it’s still hot, extend it by incorporating it into a mixed salad. When autumn comes, we find it in gratins, pan-fried with mushrooms, or Canadian style with their delicious poutine recipe (fries served with meat broth and cheese).

Why eat rice?

Rice is a cereal, rich in starch and protein, made up of more than 90% carbohydrates. From the starchy family, we eat it all year round to stay in shape. Neither salty nor sweet, rice is eaten at any time during the meal. We cook it in water, then we cook it as we see fit: gratin, paella, risotto, salad ... We also find it in the dessert section with the very popular rice pudding, or puffed rice for children.

How do we cook it for the start of the school year? In a Nice or Greek salad! Thus, we extend the summer and the holidays. We also take the opportunity to prepare a paella, with chorizo ​​and good fresh shrimp. When the season advances, there is comfort with a mushroom risotto. And to have fun, for dessert, for breakfast or afternoon tea, we prepare rice pudding, which can be accompanied by caramel, chocolate or even a fruit compote.

Why eat pasta?

They are so popular with children. Whether made from flour (usually wheat) and / or eggs, the pasta is fun for the whole family. But no question of confining yourself to the shells (although they are very good). We vary the pleasures, but also the shapes, colors and flavors. Penne, linguine, gnocchi, ravioli, lasagna, farfalle, we try different varieties. And even in the composition, we are tempted by whole wheat pasta, vegetable pasta, and even seaweed!

Like rice, once they are cooked in water, they can be cooked as we see fit.

How do we cook them for the start of the school year? In a good gratin of course! To fill up on strength for the new school year, we spoil the whole family with a good pasta gratin. At the weekend, we cook lasagna, but in an improved version, with spinach and ricotta, salmon or just vegetables, we are tempted by new recipes.

Source: European Societ of Cardiology

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