Professional tips for successful manicure at home

1 / Nails in great shape

No need to take breaks between two manicures to let your nails breathe. Those are dead cells who don't need oxygen to keep pushing.
But it is essential to have healthy and strong nails to eat a balanced diet, to do if possible regular manicures, and of coursehydrate cuticles and edges of the nail. Take time at bedtime massage the base with a vegetable oil (grape seeds, castor oil, sesame, cupuaçu ...), or at least with a small amount of your hand cream. The massage will nourish and strengthen the nascent nail, but also soften your cuticles which will be easier to work.

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@selenagomez for the #amas nails by me dress by @coach styling by @kateyoung

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2 / An impeccable varnish application

- The surface of thenail must be nickel so that the color pigments adhere perfectly. Solvents are often enriched in lanolin, or other nourishing agents, you must pass a cotton soaked inalcohol at 70 for " streamline " The area.
-After applying a base to optimize the hold of your varnish, apply your color, thin layers for faster drying.
- Wait 2 minutes before applying your top coat, because its formula would prevent the solvents in the varnish from evaporating, and the varnish would take longer to dry. In the meantime, soak up a solvent old lip brush, or that of a liner, in order to erase any color overflows on the skin.
- Once your top coat in place, to extend the duration of your varnish and boost its shine, massage your nails with a cuticle oil. White and dried out contours would be a false note assured in your superb party manicure.

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@haileesteinfeld for the #amas nails by me Suit by @mulgerofficial styling by @robzangardi rings by @bulgari Using @opi_products “Chrome powders”

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3 / Nail art, the festive touch

Tom bachik the statement: nail art is not has-been, it simply evolved. No more disco patterns, now we prefer the minimalism, like small shapes and colored or metallic notes. A more refined version, but also more modern !

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