Quick, a treatment that does everything!

Why are we cracking?

Moisturizing, nourishing and restorative, this Institut Karité multi-function cream is radical to fight against crocodile skin. Perfect during the change of seasons (because the skin dries more easily) we also adopt it all year round, to comfort and pamper our epidermis.

And how do we use it?

Institut Karité 100% shea butter can be applied to the body, hands and feet, but also as a mask for hair, lips and face. The result: soft, repaired skin and hair.

Its little extra: a new Jungle packaging

To celebrate its 10 years, Institut Karité dresses its famous body butter like Jungle Paradise. A colorful and ultra-exotic limited collector's edition that extends summer into our bathrooms.

100% pure Shea Butter Collector's Edition Jungle Paradise, Institut Karité Paris,
€ 11.50 for a 20 ml jar and € 36.50 for a 16 5ml jar.
In pharmacies, perfumeries and on institutkariteparis.com.

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