Quick, good-looking makeup!

Work the backdrop

After having thoroughly refreshed your skin with a treatment adapted to your needs, you work on the color. Your best ally is the rather fluid foundation because it is very luminous and it hides fine lines. For the color, prefer the dominant gold if you have redness or rosé, otherwise. In the case of a dull complexion tending towards olive, we prefer pink illuminating bases to neutralize this dull color. With its radiance touch, it illuminates the eye area, but also the inner corner, cupid's arch, the brow bone or the top of the cheekbone.

On the cheeks

The blush is obviously a significant asset. Still prefer the still very flattering pink to place on the cheekbone bone. Add a touch of more pearly hue to the domed top of the cheek to attract light. With the rest of the eyeshadow on the brush without adding more, go over the middle part of the face to warm the whole. You can also put a little of this same rose on the eyelids for a reminder that brings a lot of freshness.

On the eyes

Work the eyelash fringe well with a black or brown mascara. And if the eye is a little red, think of the midnight blue which whitens instantly. Bet on freshness on the eyelids with soft colors like mole, pearl gray, peach, apricot or slightly purple brown. We forget the green pine or the imperial blue. Remember to mix a little touch of radiance with the powder of the shadow on the back of the hand. It becomes slightly pearly and covers the face with light.

On the mouth

Prefer satin, shiny formulas like gloss because they bring a lot of freshness. Grenadine shades or just matching the natural color of your mouth will enhance you.

Conversely, beware of real strong reds because they highlight small flaws.

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