Quick, sweet lips!

Based on rice wax and vegetable squalane, these small balms nourish and repair the lips without leaving a sticky or shiny finish. Totally colorless, they are really imperceptible! The best for those who want to apply a lipstick over it right after.

Each of them has its own little effect and a very specific taste. Flower power smells of lilac flower, Black vanilla has sweeter notes and Olé Mint leaves a fresh and plumping effect on the lips.

We love their ultra-thin and compact packaging which allows them to slip into all our cases and bags and their 100% natural composition.

Which will be your next favorite balm?

Merci Handy lip balm, € 8 on mercihandy.fr and birchbox.fr

Adopt it anti crocodile skin care routine !

How to get Soft, Smooth Lips - DIY Lip Scrub (May 2020)

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