Quick that look: pretty madam

What you need for this look:

Antonello Trio / Imaxtree fashion show

Color Riche Extraordinaire, 204 Tangerine Sonate, L’Oréal Paris, € 14.90

Eyeshadow Quartet, 700 Boho, Calvin Klein at Marionnaud, € 35.90

Volumizing Lotus Mousse, Leonor Greyl, € 29.50

And follow our video tips to make your smoky eyes a success:

The swollen brushing

To increase the volume, apply a sheathing foam to the towel-dried hair, dry upside down, then peel the roots off the top of the head. Tweak this rounded XXL by wrapping the lengths around a blower brush, fix the wicks with the "cold air" button and finish with a cloud of hairspray.

Learn how to do a beautiful brushing in 5 lessons

The smoky hazelnut

Smoothly smoke the eyes with a praline eyeshadow and place it in a halo on the mobile eyelid. Stretch the material outwards, using a fine, flat brush, without overflowing towards the brow bone. Accentuate the fringe of the upper lashes with a chocolate liner and cover them with two layers of mascara.

Tangerine mouth

The right seasonal tone? Orange red. This healthy-looking color illuminates mat or golden skin and, chosen in a satin texture, restores volume to thin lips by optical effect. Avoid, however, on the pink complexions. For a long-lasting hold, redraw the mouth in tone-on-tone pencil and paint, with a brush, from the heart to the ends.

Quick MakeUp for Raketeras by Madam Elli (May 2020)

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