Reading gifts for 6 weekends at the zoo

Spending a weekend at the zoo is sure to please young and old alike. At these 6 addresses, by introducing yourself from us, you are welcomed with a small gift. Nice isn't it? Go quickly, you will give news!

Cave Zoo

17 km from Saumur, the Doué-la-Fontaine Bioparc was designed at the heart of falun quarries dug on several levels. A 14 hectare cave site which offers an astonishing natural setting and allows animals to live in wooded areas devoid of bars. We discover the Camp of giraffes, the Rhino Valley, the South American Great Aviary, the Okapi Sanctuary…

Prices: package 2 adults and 2 children (3-10 years old), 1 night at the Auberge Bienvenue, located opposite the park, dinner (without drinks), access to the park for 2 days, € 279 (instead of 379 €, valid until November 13, 2016). Readers' offer: 2 flutes of crémant-de-loire. Reservation at Auberge Bienvenue, 104, rue de Cholet, Doué-la-Fontaine, tel. : 02 41 59 22 44.

Beauval, the big park

With 8,000 animals of 600 different species on 35 hectares, the Beauval ZooParc is well worth a two-day visit. Especially since it has just grown with the opening of a large space dedicated to hippos: a basin bordered by beaches, river and waterfall, a fish-filled lagoon planted with aquatic species. We also discover red river hogs, wild pigs adapted to the aquatic environment, a family of nyalas, graceful zebra-colored antelopes, as well as white spatulas, ombrettes, storks of Abdim, tantalums, vultures, sacred ibis ... A piece of Africa in Loir-et-Cher!

Price: “Penguin” package for 2 adults and 2 children (3-10 years and 11-15 years), 1 night half board in one of the two ZooParc hotels + 2-day entry, from € 350. Readers' offer: a 20 cm plush toy offered to each child for any package booked with the plush code!

Fawn nights at La Flèche Zoo

In La Sarthe, the La Flèche Zoo shelters 1,500 animals from 150 different species and 800 plant species. Top-of-the-range lodges have been set up to make almost a common room with lemurs, arctic wolves, white tigers, polar bears, in a green universe approaching the natural environment of each species. So impressive that the average time to book a night is 6 to 18 months depending on the period and the lodges. .

Price: 1 night half board for 2 adults and 2 children, access to the park for 2 days, from € 428. Reader offer: a bottle of Ruinart champagne offered during the stay for all reservations before July 31, 2016 with the promo code: Champagne in the "Comments when booking" section.

Safari in Ardèche

Between Vienna and Valence, the Peaugres Safari takes its visitors across five continents: 4 x 4 safari tour in the new African plain, hike as close as possible to bears or twilight excursion ... With more than 130 animal species, the park multiplies educational structures to allow explorers to discover all the riches of a fauna sometimes in danger of extinction.

Special offer : package for 2 adults and 2 children, 1 night at the Domaine de Saint-Clair **** hotel, 4-person room with breakfast, 2-day park tickets, trainers' activities, € 330 instead of € 377 with the code FAPEAUGRES2016.

Fauna from Europe and elsewhere

On no less than 120 hectares, three discovery trails have been set up at the Sainte-Croix animal park, in Rhodes, in the Moselle, to meet more than 1,500 emblematic animals of European fauna and endangered species: bears , deer, lynx, bison, lemurs, red pandas and several packs of wolves! In 2016, the park celebrates the arrival of a legend from the Far North: the glutton! You can sleep in lodges as close as possible to the animals.

Price: 1 night half board at the lodge des cerfs, for 2 adults and 2 children (3-11 years old), access to the park for 2 days, stroll at dusk with a guide (1 h), from € 459. Readers' offer: an aperitif with woodruff (herbaceous plant found in particular in the Vosges mountains).

With the bear of the Pyrenees

In a green and rocky nature, near Lourdes, the Pyrenees Animal Park shelters, on 14 hectares, vultures, vultures, otters, nutria, marmots, wolves, foxes, lynx, bears, ibex, isards, mouflons, monkeys ... Guided by healers, visitors get to know them better. Since this year, we can sleep with the bears in a dome-shaped hut which overlooks their enclosure and attend the feeding as closely as possible.

Price: 1 night with bears for 2 people on half board, 2 days of access to the park, € 350. Night with wolves: 320 €.

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