Recipes for cooking eggplant

fried, roasted, marinated, in caviar or in donuts, the eggplant, this emblematic ingredient of southern cuisine, lends itself to 1001 variations. Very low in calories and bringing the Mediterranean touch to slightly bland dishes, this perfectly flavored vegetable goes perfectly with meats and remains an exquisite alternative to overly accustomed accompaniments such as potatoes or zucchini. So, go to the markets to fill your basket with pretty purple vegetables!

Aperitif, eggplant can be enjoyed as tapas, as in mini puff pastry or ratatouille toast.

Flat, eggplant willingly accompanies white meats such as chicken or pork but its southern flavors go perfectly with meats with a strong taste, the union of lamb and eggplant works wonders in tagines or couscous. In a wok, place cubes of eggplant that you fry in olive oil (the winning duo!), To keep all the softness of the vegetable and keep its flesh tender. In slices, you can grill them or on skewers, they will be delicately browned on a barbecue.

Sure the pizzas or in pasta the eggplant also has its place! Combined with tapenade or stewed with other vegetables from the sun, it will be a great success! So conquered?

By Anaïs Thiébaux

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