Red mouth: with what make-up to wear it?

1 / The pin-up effect liner

Nothing like a beautiful red lipstick combined with a line of eyeliner to create an elegant make-up withretro effect. You can make it more or less fine according to your desires! Also note that you can vary the colors to add a original touch. For example, apply a vermilion red on your mouth and put an electric blue eyeliner on your eyelids.

2 / The smoky

Yes yes you can make up both your eyes and your mouth. You can even make a smoky-eye! Do you have blue eyes? Thesmokey eye black is made for you because it will bring out the color of your irises to perfection. If they are green or brown, black also suits you, but your eyes will be more enhanced by a smoky-eye brown or bronze. Lighter and brighter, it brings warmth to your makeup and goes well with Carmine lips.

3 / Nude eyes

Want to stay natural for your eye makeup? Adopt the nude make-up and spice up your look by combining it with a bright red on your lips. Bet on a mascara that lengthens and flatters the lashes for a doe look, and on a eye shadow beige.

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