Rent a holiday home, cover up!

Home insurance for big seeds

No luck, your villa has been burgled. Fortunately, if you have taken the usual precautions, the owner of the premises will be compensated by his Multirisk home insurance (MRH), as if he were at home (same principle for a storm). For "damage to your personal effects", it is the property cover linked to your personal home insurance that comes into play. Other possible disasters? For a fire, water damage, glass breakage or damage caused to neighbors or third parties, it is the Resort Liability Guarantee of your home contract that covers your liability (it sometimes also includes cancellation insurance, which can play if a glitch forces you to cancel the vacation). "Check that it appears in your contract - this is normally the case - knowing that the ceilings and deductibles are similar to those applicable to the main residence", specifies Guillaume Gorge, in charge of the Fire, accidents and various risks offer. at Axa France. Please note that the amount of cover is not always appropriate. For example, if your HRM premium is calculated for the two-room apartment that you live in the year and that you rent for a summer hacienda of 200 m2! In addition, some Resort Guarantees only work in Europe (check yours if you go further).

Poorly protected?

Purchase an additional ad hoc HRM (prices vary depending on destination and rented property). "The same advice if you are leaving for a long time, because stays of more than three months are not covered by conventional HRMs," says Guillaume Gorge.

Last case: your landlord has added a "waiver of recourse" clause to his HRM, thereby committing not to turn against you (the details are in the rental agreement). In this case, you do not have to apply for your Resort Guarantee - or take out another if it is not sufficient: in the event of a glitch, it is the insurance of your host that will manage everything.

The deposit for minor damage

Stained carpet, broken furniture, damaged work of art ... This material damage remains the responsibility of the tenant (the owner claims compensation or keeps all or part of the deposit). The good surprise? The insurance of the intermediary from whom the rental was found sometimes covers them. This is the case up to 800,000 euros for example at Airbnb, with the exception of the ravages caused by a pet. So keep an eye on Medor!

Expert opinion

“Bring a copy of your HRM contract - or at least the contact details of the service to contact - to deal with an incident. Also remember to make an inventory at the entrance to the rental. And don't hesitate to take photos if you notice any damage and the owner is not present. "

Thanks to Guillaume Gorge, director of the Fire, Accident and Miscellaneous Risk offering at Axa France.

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