Roast pork in the oven: how to avoid it being dry?

The right pieces for a not dry roast

A roast pork can be cut in the fillet or on the shoulder. But, for a softer result, we will prefer a piece cut in the loin, or the ham.

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What a baking dish for a soft roast

Baking is cooking that dries out food. And even if you often water your roast, you are not immune to disappointment. To avoid this and successfully cook your roast, you will preferably choose an ovenproof casserole dish (or any other ovenproof dish, but with a lid), in which you will place the roast, and that use with its cover to limit evaporation. We can even dress around the roast, in the casserole dish, the vegetables that will accompany the meat and that will cook in its juice. You can also cook roast pork in Cookeo.

Aluminum foil for a roast that does not dry out

It's pretty much the same principle as the lid. The idea? Salt, pepper and oil the roast before wrapping it in aluminum foil before cooking to prevent evaporation and allow the meat to cook in its own juice. Then, we will place the roast in a gratin dish (no need for a lid) to put it in the oven.

A marinade before cooking to hydrate your roast

This tip is to immerse your meat in milk for example (but, it also works with broth, wine or cider) for at least 12 hours. The idea is that, well moistened, it dries less during cooking.

Cook the roast in liquid to prevent it from drying out

This is undoubtedly the best method for obtaining a soft and tender meat. It works with milk, broth, wine, cider, beer ... A cooking juice that we can recover to prepare the sauce that can accompany the roast.

Lower the oven temperature for a soft roast

A low or medium temperature (below 100 ° C) and slow cooking will allow you to cook your roast, again, without drying it out. In fact, at less than 100 ° C, water does not evaporate.

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