Roasted pork loin with pears

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For 8 people

Preparation: 25 min

Cooking: 1h30


1.8 kg pork loin

6 carrots

4 firm pears

160 g bacon

2 large onions

80 g raisins

15 cl dry white wine

50 g butter

2 tsp. oil soup

1 bouquet garni

salt pepper


1. Peel the pears and carrots and cut them into pieces. Salt and pepper the meat. In a skillet, brown the bacon for 5 min in hot oil. Drain them. In their place, brown the meat for 10 minutes on all sides. Book.

2. In a casserole dish, melt the sliced ​​onions in the hot butter. Add the loin, carrots, pears, bacon, grapes, wine, 1 glass of water and the bouquet. Salt and pepper.

3. Put the casserole dish in the preheated oven on th 5/6 (160 ° C) and cook for 2h30. Check from time to time that there is enough liquid left.

By Valérie Bestel

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