Rosemary: it boosts memory too!

Rosemary has long been attributed health benefits: improved blood circulation, prevention of rheumatism, anti-bloating and constipation, etc. We even wonder if this flagship plant of the Mediterranean diet is not the longevity secret of the small Italian village of Acciaroli, famous for its number of centenarians!

A new study this time looked at the link between this shrub and its compounds (mainly cineole and rosmarinic acid) and cognitive abilities. Researchers from Northumbria University (UK) recruited 80 young people. Half of the group had to drink mineral water, the other half a glass of rosemary water (made from the fresh plant, cold-brewed to keep all its properties). Twenty minutes later, the guinea pigs passed a series of cognitive tests, mainly to assess their ability to retain information.

Result: the group having drunk the rosemary water obtained a better score (+ 15% on average). The researchers also noted an increase in the level of deoxygenated red blood cells in the blood, which would act as a reservoir of energy for the brain while performing a task.

Once again, the plant proves that it is not only there to decorate our plates or give flavor to our dishes. A real green treasure we tell you!

* published in Journal of Psychopharmacology.

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Rosemary FIGHT DEMENTIA and Prevent LOST MEMORY! How Rosemary Boosts Memory and Fights Alzheimer's? (August 2020)

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