Self-tanner: 3 steps to make it last longer

Prepare your skin well before applying the self-tanner

A few days before layingspray tan, you must go through the scrub box to exfoliate the epidermis and rid it of dead skin. Prefer gentle care and natural that respect the balance of the skin. For example, you can make a homemade recipe with sugar and honey, or with coconut oil. Then just massage your body in a circular fashion for refine the skin texture. Your face also needs to be purified: erase it with a suitable exfoliant before applyingspray tan so that the skin is smoother and more receptive to the product.

Another important point to keep your complexion tanned for as long as possible: hair removal. Before applying tanning product, remember to depilate yourself so that adheres properly to the skin, without footsteps unsightly. Wax follower? Epilate you 48 hours before on D-Day and if you prefer the razor, do it 24 hours before.

Ensure the D-day so that the self-tanner lasts a long time

That's it, it's time to take action. Just before you run, it is still advisable to take a cool shower who go tighten pores of the skin so as to guarantee application without a hitch. It will also erase all traces of moisturizers, deodorants and other treatments that could prevent the tanning product to join. Once the skin is clean and dry, get started!

After applying, you must be patient until the self-tanner is dry, before you get dressed. Give priority to loose clothing that do not rub the skin.

Make-up and perfume are also to be banned until the product is dry because they could alter the effect of the product.spray tan and leave traces on the skin.

Hydrate after applying self-tanner

The secret of a Tan (even artificial) is to bet onhydration. The reason ? The good performance of the self-tanner depends on the speed at which the skin will flake off, that is to say get rid of dead skin. It is because of this that the "tan" will fade. Now, thehydration can extend this deadline by keeping the skin flexible and fresh for a long time.

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