Self-tanner before shower, the test

The good weather arrives and it is impossible to take out my legs without pantyhose, at the risk of being confused with a cachet of aspirin escaping from its tube. And yes, poor blonde that I am, I do not have the chance to approach an "Ibiza" complexion all year long.

Queen of cheating!

While waiting for the holidays, I draw my self-tanner. Unfortunately, I can apply it by taking my time and as it should be, I find myself "striped" and there, I am 100% exposed. So when we received this new kid at the editorial office I wanted to test it right away.

What is it ? A self-tanner to apply before showering and then rinse off. Concretely, it is enough to spread it over the body and face, wait 10 minutes for it to work (time enough for a small brow patch) and rinse it in the shower. Then, the tan should develop gradually within 4 to 8 hours. The first rendering is supposed to be light. It is therefore advisable to repeat the operation over several days, for a more intense tan.


Day 1: I apply the cream, which really makes me think of a balm. It’s very nice and easy to spread. During the exposure time the cream penetrates slightly, leaving a light film. I rinse by rubbing well in order to remove the excess product. When I get out of the shower I am not tanned but my skin is very soft. I don't even feel the need to apply moisturizer. Throughout the day I look forward to the miracle but to tell the truth, I may roll up my sleeves to watch my arm but I don't see any real change ... Tomorrow, I will do it again!
Day 2: Rebelote ... This time I decide to leave it a little longer (you never know) and apply it in the evening. What if I woke up perfectly tanned like after a "night" in the sun?
Day 3: That's it ... I see a slight difference. Not yet enough to declare victory but that's it already. My skin is slightly golden. It motivates me to put on a layer. On the other hand, that day, I decided to apply it a little more quickly ... Zero trace effect guaranteed?
Day 4: I can answer the question from the day before. No ! It should not be applied in any way, because yes, it can leave traces. It is much less visible than with a "classic" self-tanner but as much as taking your time for a truly optimal result.

Crash test: Finally, I did the test to find out if the product could reduce traces of a "classic" self-tanner. It's the case ! A good plan therefore after a big failure.

Finally : We adopt it even if its price is a little high. It takes several applications to get a real result. The skin is slightly tanned without being orange. It's perfect !

Pre shower tan, NKD SKN, € 23.90, in pharmacies.

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