Sensitive skin: gentle strategies

We are all very sensitive, or almost! Almost every second woman has a skin that pulls, itches, blushes ... Our personalized solutions to put an end to all these little annoyances.

It tugs me when I remove my makeup

After menopause, the epidermis tends to dry out, which can make makeup removal quite uncomfortable. The good reflex: choose creamy products that can be applied to the fingers (creams, jellies or milks) and do not require rinsing with water. Choose formulas dedicated to sensitive skin, enriched with fatty substances and soothing ingredients. Prefer them without alcohol, without perfume, without preservatives. Place a small hazelnut on the flat of the hands and massage the face with the pulp of the fingers. Wipe off the excess with a tissue. Avoid cotton, which can irritate, especially when it is of poor quality. Finally, spray a veil of thermal water or lotion, then massage to soothe.

I feel like even water is attacking me

It is not very surprising. In France, the waters are generally quite hard. They contain on average 5,000 mg of dry residue per liter (when thermal water like that of Avène contains only 260 mg). As a result, this creates deposits that remain on the surface of the skin and a sensation comparable to that which a sea bath can create. When possible, use thermal or mineral water instead. Choose a mild cleaning product enriched with fatty substances and shorten the showers (in addition, you will save water!). Do not rub with the towel, rather dab the face. The trick: apply your cream on damp skin to promote the slippery treatment.

I can't stand any cream

Are you prone to skin reactions? So, keep it simple: a fragrance-free and preservative-free formula with as few ingredients as possible. Some contain only ten, which minimizes the risk of allergies and irritations. Do not change it and stick to your makeup, makeup removal and skincare routine. If possible, use the same cream morning and evening. Finally, take a break with the products you don't necessarily need, such as masks. Instead, use your day care in a thick layer. On a handkerchief folded in four, spray a veil of thermal water. Dab the excess material with this damp cloth.

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I blush when it's hot or cold

To avoid manifestations due to rosacea, rosacea or simply sudden redness linked to menopause, choose treatments containing decongestant and veinotonic active ingredients. They avoid that the vessels do not dilate too much and that these small worries settle. Hygiene of life also counts: skip alcohol, spices, drinks that are too hot or too cold. Also beware of large temperature differences (overheated parts, etc.). If you have to face the cold, apply a formula based on cold cream, which acts as a protective barrier. Finally, in the event of a "crisis", calm the game with a high tolerance mask, soaked in thermal water.

The foundation tickles me!

Before throwing everything away, review your make up ritual! After spreading a moisturizer, apply your foundation without rubbing, tapping gently with the sponge. Apply your blush with a soft brush. And above all, remember to clean your brushes regularly (once a week for those with powder, with each use for those for foundation). If despite all these precautions, tingling persists, invest in a hydrating, hypoallergenic, nickel-free foundation based on pure pigments.

My eyes are reactive too

In this case, watch out for mascara. It is one of the products that contains the most preservatives. No wonder your fragile eyes tingle or cry on contact. Always go for hypoallergenic versions, with few preservatives. Banish "waterproofs" because their hydroalcoholic base is often less well supported. Also make sure that your makeup remover is suitable for sensitive eyes. Avoid overly oily products, opt instead for a gel or two-phase, which adheres well to the pigments. Soak a moistened cotton pad (preferably with thermal water). Apply on the eyelids and leave on for a few seconds to dissolve the makeup. Then slide the cotton pad to the tip of the lashes, without rubbing.

My anti-aging cream tingles

This care is not always well tolerated. Again, choose them hypoallergenic, AHA-free and fragrance-free. If your cream contains retinaldehyde, it may tingle a little. In this case, start by using it only twice a week for 15 days.If your skin supports it, go to three times a week then, after a month, apply it every day. Apply the product by smoothing with the flat of the hands and not by circular movements.

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