Skin detox after the holidays, our SOS selection

Clean and purify daily

After the holiday excesses, your skin surely needs a little boost to remove the accumulated impurities. The ideal: leave it on 1 to 2 times a week one mask with clay or charcoal. If you have dry or sensitive skin, place it only on the T zone: the forehead, nose and chin. For a slightly stronger purifying action, complete this beauty routine with a peeling or an exfoliating treatment.

Regenerate overnight

To help your skin regain radiance and tone, apply every night a detoxifying night cream or oil. Enough to boost cell regeneration and help the epidermis repair its micro-lesions. Wake, the complexion will be clearer, pore tighter and the skin is much more radiant.

Protect during the day

Protect your skin from pollution and external aggressions by applying an antioxidant treatment every morning. A ritual that will allow you to prolong the purifying and detoxifying effects of your evening routine while illuminating your complexion over the days.

Find our selection of detox care for

regain pretty skin after the partys.

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