Snow nails, the new nude

Tips and tricks for making a pristine snow manicure.

Why is it trendy?
On parades, nude nails had until then the wind in their sails because they left the spotlight on clothes. This season, the trend has evolved towards white varnish, with a bright finish. Be careful however, because the white draws the eye to the defects. If your hands are red or irregular skin texture (dryness, chapped skin ...), go your way!

Impeccable body language
On a short basis, use an emollient cream to push back the cuticles and nourish their outline. Smooth the nails with a polisher. After applying a base, apply a thin layer of varnish, then a second thicker, to hide any imperfections. Apply a top coat, boost of radiance of this immaculate manicure.

Stylish alternatives
On a base of pink, ivory or beige varnish, put a top coat embellished with white or silver sequins, for a less distinct effect than the total white look. You can also choose a very clear silver, whose frosted reflections color the nails in transparency.

Find our selection of snow lacquer, matt or glittery.

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