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Long plucked, thick eyebrows are now the new beauty standard. No more tracking down the hairs! They are worn tinted and sculpted, in a bushy or waxed version, rebellious or tamed. A trend that seems to inspire Scarlett Costello, a young model of 19, who displays a “ mono brow »On his account Instagram.

Don't believe this is about getting rid of one of your eyebrows, no! The single eyebrow is when the hairs of browbones meet and join together on the T-zone, between the two eyes, to form only one line. A natural look to the Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter.

Are you seduced by the Monosourcil? Don't kid yourself, we will have to maintain. It will not be enough for you to no longer wax. The Monosourcil must to be dense and a strong shade. It's up to you to play with the pencil to fill in the scattered areas and intensify its color.
And if this surprising style gives depth and character with regard to brunettes, it is essential to feminine form a little. On the mobile eyelid, a light touch of nude or pastel eyeshadow, smoked on the finger, like here Scarlett's red, will soften and brighten the look. And on the lips, a beautiful vermilion red, glossy brown or fuchsia, will create the contrast with the upper face.

So, is the single eyebrow really the next beauty trend? Check out the photos of Scarlett Costello's single eyebrow:




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