Special students: our best recipes for dummies

Student life is a lot of work, a lot of going out, little money and little accommodation. All this leaves little room for cooking. However, it is possible to be a student and make cool, balanced and economical recipes. It just takes a little organization! Our advice to optimize your (small) space and manage your (small) budget well.

Use every corner

The less space we have, the more important it is to optimize and keep it clean and tidy. For that, do not hesitate to arrange the least available space in your cupboards, your drawers, etc. Use the space on your walls by attaching credenzas (to hang pots, utensils, paper towels) and shelves.

Some useful gadgets

They are inexpensive, take up little space and can really simplify your life: small kitchen scale, measuring cup, mini casserole dishes, round mussels ... enough to pass for a chef without much effort!

Learn how to manage your budget

Summarize your food expenses by taking back your bank card tickets and try to calculate the monthly amount that you can reasonably spend on this expense item. Before going shopping, check your reservations to avoid unnecessary purchases. Finally, remember to track the reductions (in magazines and flyers, on the Internet, etc.).

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