Stéphane Plaza reacts after the kidnapping of the director of one of his real estate agencies

"No words can express how I feel today. Manuella, I am with all my heart with you and your family", writes Stéphane Plaza in an Instagram publication, in large white letters on a black background. The one we know jovial and joker seems in shock. And for good reason. Friday March 1, Manuella Dias Savery, director of the Stéphane Plaza d'Auxerre real estate agency and a qualified notary, was kidnapped, raped and kidnapped. While she was showing a house in Venoy to a "alleged customer", as reported by our colleagues atRepublican Yonne, the latter forced her "under threat of a handgun" to drive it to Blois. Finally, the man released her in the parking lot of Blois train station on Saturday March 2 in the early morning, before fleeing aboard the victim's vehicle, a Smart. Manuella Dias Savery was then able to call her husband on his cell phone and return to his home.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Auxerre, Sophie Macquart-Moulin, confirmed on Sunday March 3 that"an investigation for kidnapping and forcible confinement was entrusted to the Auxerre Research Brigade and the Dijon Research Section to identify and arrest the perpetrator. " For his part, Manuella Dias Savery, "very shocked", is now supported by a victim assistance association, ADAVIRS. According to information from LCI, the director of the real estate agency was raped by her captor during her night of confinement.

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