Sugar-free dessert: our gourmet recipes

A real plague for the planet and our body, sugar is present everywhere. In ready meals as in our favorite desserts, and it sometimes hides in larger quantities than you might think. And yet it is easy to reduce consumption or even do without it entirely. For diabetics or to detox sugar without depriving yourself, discover our gourmet dessert recipes without sugar!

How to make pastry without sugar?

If present in the vast majority of dessert recipes, sugar is easily replaceable. Do not panic, we will explain how.
If it is a yogurt, chocolate or fruit cake, add a sugar substitute and compensate for the lack of sugar content (it is one of the dry ingredients) with a little cornstarch, cocoa powder or almond powder to add flavor. In a fruit salad, rather than adding powdered sugar, chop a little mint or even thyme to bring a different note to your dessert, a few drops of lime juice and why not a little syrup flower and voila!

Use natural sugar from food

Some ingredients naturally contain sugar. This is the case for fruits such as beets, carrots or pomegranates or chickpeas and chestnuts, which can both be reduced to flour for pastries.
For example, cooking a carrot cake can use little or no sugar, the carrot itself being a sweetener. To bring more sweetness to your recipe you can add a little hazelnut or nut oil.
Also bet on exotic fruits, like mango, which when ripe becomes very sweet, pineapple or banana are also good substitutes.

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Use honey, agave syrup or maple syrup as substitutes

Honey is a natural sweetener from nectar transformed by bees. Sweet but much less fatty and toxic (for our organism) than refined sugar, honey brings a very pleasant fruity touch in the mouth. In addition, its flowing and sticky texture makes it possible to make icings, as on carnival donuts, or to give texture to preparations. Agave syrup is a natural sweetener from a plant called agave. It is sweeter than honey, but has the same properties (only difference, it is vegetable, and can therefore be suitable for vegans). There is also maple syrup, produced from maple water, which is naturally sweet. It has a caramelized taste and can be used as a sweetener in dessert preparations.

No need to sweeten your fruit salads, mousses or sorbets

You don't need to sweeten your fruit in a salad or sorbet. Especially, if your fruit is in season and ripe. To consume seasonal fruits is to taste them when they are ripe and therefore at the time when they are the tastiest. So you don't have to sweeten your fruit. Eat them in carpaccio, in fruit salads or reduced in sorbets.

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