Summer desserts: our recipes to test with your eyes closed

To conclude as it should be your summer meal, even in fine weather, we want sweet things ... But not just any! Light sweetness, with creamy summer desserts, such as cannoli with candied fruit or gohan with kiwi coulis, a kind of tangy Japanese milk rice. Foams, fruit or chocolate (how is that, chocolate is not light ?!) are also welcome.

Summer desserts: our recipe ideas

On sunny days, we opt for frozen desserts. Granites, ice creams and sorbets, or even vacherins make us watch, so why deprive yourself of them? The main thing is to end the meal with a refreshing refreshing touch.

For a cheap summer dessert: you can opt for a delicious raspberry granita with basil. To make it, start by mixing 600g of raspberries and 100g of extra fine powdered sugar. Add three drops of natural basil flavor. Pour the coulis into a large, shallow dish and let it cool in the freezer for at least 1 hour. Scrape the granita, then leave it for another hour in the freezer and repeat the same thing a second time. To finish, pour the granita into small verrines and decorate with basil leaves.

Summer desserts with seasonal fruits

For a summer fruit dessert: who says fresh and refreshing also says fruity and colorful. We love the seasonal fruits: strawberries, raspberries or cherries at the beginning of summer, then peaches, nectarines and apricots a little later ... Pure delights, even better picked from the bottom of the garden, and easy to sublimate. We slip them into our charlottes, our clafoutis ... Who knows, the happiness may lie in your grandmother's apricot and pistachio pie. Indeed, with these fruits, you can concoct thin pies but also go straightforward by cutting them into small pieces and making a beautiful summer fruit salad, a fresh dessert that can be enjoyed without hunger.

For a chocolate summer dessert: who said you should eat chocolate in winter? No one, and for good reason: it too can be refreshing. You can get started with a simple recipe for milk chocolate mousse that you can serve in verrines. If the verrines are small, accompany them with verrines of seasonal fruit salads for a light gourmet coffee or tea.

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