Super fast popsicles for Christmas

For Christmas, we want breathtaking, but also simple and fast. With trendy cakes or spectacular desserts, Christmas 2018 will certainly be a success.

So, we put on recipes without cooking or cooking, only a little assembly.

For this preparation, we use Spritz, small Christmas cakes from Alsace. Butter cookies, they have small grooves and are often coated with dark chocolate.

The ingredients for 3 popsicles:

6 Spritz cookies (find the recipe if you want to make them homemade)

2 large scoops of vanilla ice cream

4 barley sugars

The preparation stages:

For a cleaner result, use a silicone circle to spread the ice cream (a round cookie cutter will also do the trick).

Place the cookies with the chocolate on top. Using a round, spread a layer of vanilla ice cream over half the cookies. The layer should be thick and fairly dense, so tamp down well.

Remove the package from the barley sugar and place the curved part in the middle of the cookie in the ice cream. Cover with a cookie, pressing lightly so that it sticks to the ice.

Using a pestle, break a barley sugar into medium sized pieces. Spread the pieces on a plate or on a cutting board, then roll the lollipop over the pieces so that the barley sugar sticks to the vanilla ice cream.

Place these lollipops in the freezer a few tens of minutes, before serving, so that the ice does not melt.

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