Take-out lunch: our best picnic ideas

The cold picnic: it's ready in advance!

With a picnic that keeps you cold, don't forget the cooler! Simply prepare your menu in advance, and reserve the dishes in the refrigerator until your departure. The good news is that pasta salads, rice salads and other mixed salads are generally even better when prepared a little ahead of time and have time to rest in the fridge.
On the other hand, this is not the case with sandwiches: bread may soften on contact with other, more humid foods, and its stay in the refrigerator may not make things better! The solution ? Choose, for example, one of our sandwiches without bread, or make your sandwiches at the very last moment.

Recipe ideas for a picnic

Salads, pies, cakes or quiches ... it's not just chips in life! at the picnic, give free rein to your imagination. With the airtight boxes, you can take almost any dish, even those in sauce! Nothing better than a leftover cold roast chicken, dipped in a little homemade sauce, or a piece of vegetable terrine, very fresh. Quickly discover our 30 recipe ideas for a really nice picnic.

Take away drinks for a picnic

Prefer them without alcohol: everyone (young and old) can enjoy them! Make cool drinks, and take them in insulated bottles or gourds, not skimping on the dose of ice cubes! After a walk, or in the shade of a big tree, nothing better than a refreshing drink. Lemonade or orangeade, infused detox water, watermelon or coconut water, fresh smoothie or even milkshake, let yourself be guided by your delicacies!

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