Take this vegetarian care for top nails!

To show off impeccable manicure all winter, go on a vegetarian diet with these mini-treatments ... with vegetables. Tomato, cucumber, and carrot ... These three ingredients, naturally boosted in vitamins and antioxidants, will quickly boost the resistance of your nails. And for maximum nutrition, they are combined with shea butter and jojoba oil. So which of these treatments will you apply, morning and evening, in massage?

- To fight against the harmful effects of pollution, bet on the lycopene-vitamin C duo, the anti-free radical shield of that with tomato.

- To be sublime up to your fingertips, offer them an oasis of hydration with the cucumber formula, rich in water and vitamin B.

- To avoid soft or brittle nails, prefer the carrot version, another antioxidant.

The little extras: nomadic round boxes, which slip easily into the bag, but also pepsy and fruity fragrances that make you want to pamper yourself.

Veggie Nail Butter, Alessandro, 4,95 €.

Now what if you dare graphic manicure?

Discover in video how to make sharp nails.

Korean Nail Salon: Glass Nails, Cooking Vegan Spaghetti, Hair Treatment | DTV #102 (May 2020)

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