Testimonials: our beauty habits that men adore

"Smelling hair", Benjamin, 27
“What makes my head spin is the long hair that gives off a sensual scent. I don't know what these girls put in their hair, but as soon as they pass in front of me, they leave a spellbinding wake behind them. "

"Red nails", Adrien, 25 years old
"There is nothing more female than red nails. This color highlights all the hands, and adds a glamorous touch to the outfit. In summer, a more orange color also goes very well. "

"Neutral makeup", Philippe, 56 years old
"I like makeup on women, but it has to be subtle and discreet ! Soft colors, no aggressive lipstick and no overly pronounced black on the eyes. Just what sublimate natural beauty… »

"No make-up", Mourad, 32
“The most beautiful makeup is one that cannot be seen. For me, a girl who takes care of herself and who shines with its natural beauty, this is the most beautiful thing. Ultimately a little mascara and a touch of color on the cheeks, but nothing more! "

"Red lipstick", Omer, 24
"When we go out, what I like best is when my girlfriend put everything on the lips. Matt red lipstick, and the rest of the softer makeup: a little mascara and a little bit of black on the eyes, and especially no extravagant eyeshadow or flashy! The red mouth is self-sufficient. "

"The pink cheek", Charles, 41
"In order for a girl to please me, she has to look physically fit,she looks good. I fall for the rosy cheeks, which give a charm. »

"The open neck", Michel, 35 years old
"I love it when my girlfriend ties her hair in a bun. The fact of having the hair released, lets appear its descent of neck ... Really sensual ! »

The top 3 of what they like least:

- Neglected nails
Even if you don’t apply color hairspray, take care of your nails pampering them.

- Orange complexion
Having a tanned complexion all year round is possible, but only if you know how to work it!

- Haircuts not maintained
Our hair is our seductive asset, and it does not escape our men! The unkempt fringes and the lengths left fallow, they hate! So we don't forget to regularly take care of our manes.

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