The best pastry in Paris is a pavé made by Quentin Lechat

The bet was not easy. Quentin Lechat raised it hands down. The chefNovotel Paris Les Halles Hotel won this Monday, July 15, Paris Pastry Grand Prix, a competition to imagine the capital in the form of gourmet pleasure. Under the gaze of chef Pierre Hermé, renowned worldwide for his creations, and the deputy mayor, Olivia Polski, the young chef, was able to stand out from the 22 other candidates by imagining a pastry for the least unusual . "I didn't want to do like everyone else. When you think of Paris, these are the monuments that you see first, so I decided to lower my eyes. The answer was under my feet."As a result, Noisette³. A rough pavement. Cutaway. Simply Parisian.

The best pastry in Paris is a revisited Paris-brest

For Quentin Lechat: "There is nothing more emblematic than Paris-brest to represent the capital"Far from the dessert imagined in 1910 by Louis Durand in reference to bicycle wheels, Quentin Lechat's pastry is a true blend of flavors."I kept the base in choux pastry and hazelnut praline, says he, while adding a touch of Bigaradier, bitter orange for freshness.

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Noisette3: voted best pastry at the Grand Prix de la pâtisserie in the city of Paris. Thank you again @quentinlechat and @malh_ophelie, the dream team has struck again! Thank you @paris_maville @olivia_polski @pierrehermeofficial.

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