The bun, instructions

The steps of this hairstyle

The right material: a flat brush, a comb with large teeth, a rubber band, snow pins, and a fixing lacquer.

- The trick to ensure better hold to your hairstyle is to work on hair washed the day before. You can also texturize them with a dab of styling wax.

- Gather your hair in a flexible ponytail at the level of your nape, and tie them with an elastic band. Spray some lacquer on your flat brush, and smooth without insisting your top strands in order to fix them gently.

- Crepe your ends with a comb with large teeth to give volume and this slightly blurred, slightly disheveled appearance.

- Loosely wrap your ponytail around the hook so as to form a "ball". Unlike a classical dancer's bun, keep a little length to slide the tips in the heart of the bun from the inside to the outside.

- Hold the ball by pricking snow pins at its base at the elastic level. Maintain and discretion assured.

- Fix your hairstyle with hairspray and for more glamor, finish with a touch of shine spray.

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Need some more advice? Follow our step by step of the dancer bun in video (below)

How to use a bun donut to create an updo. (August 2020)

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