The easiest Christmas shortbread in the world

We hear everywhere that baking is "a story of precision", that without a very precise dosage, a cake recipe can quickly turn into a disaster. We don't really believe it: with our series of videos "Pastry Without Weighing", we guide you for very simple and inexhaustible desserts, without using the scale or the measuring cup.

Micro-kitchenette in town, vacation rental with “desert cuisine” option, invitation to taste Mamie's home and her not very well-equipped kitchen… We have all experienced really critical situations, where baking was a challenge. With our super easy and unbeatable Christmas shortbread recipe, we take up the challenge.

And for those who really refuse to put their hands in the dough, we offer a recipe for Christmas special ice cream lollipops.

Unmissable at the holiday season, Christmas shortbread cookies bring a touch of indulgence and fantasy to the house. Slipped into a homemade gourmet advent calendar, hanging in the tree, offered to friends, mistresses and neighbors at the time of vows, these little shortbread cookies make our mouth water. We like to vary the shapes (discover the shortbread sugar barley video) and the flavors, play cookie cutters and get started with original frostings in colors ... We even saw them compose a Christmas wreath too delicious than original! Decorative cake like a tiramisu log, shortbread cookies are used in the composition of many recipes.

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