The ex-wife of Christian in the 12 Coups de midi, Jean-Luc Reichmann shocked

We can say that Michèle has a sense of challenge! On June 11, this 61-year-old candidate caused general surprise by revealing that she was the ex-wife of Christian, the former noon master. As explained here is, Michèle explained that she had only one goal: to beat her former spouse. But beware of confusion ... It’s not about Christian Quesada but of “Christian le provençal” as she calls him. “I'm here to beat my ex-husband, who is a former noon master and who is bringing her back”, did she swing at Jean-Luc Reichmann, completely amazed at this response.

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“I don't believe that one! But wait, who was he, what was his name? ”, asked the 58-year-old host. Michèle therefore retraced the course of her ex-husband, a former truck driver, who left with more than 90,000 euros more than six years ago. Facing the camera, Michèle, determined, launched a: "That's enough" her husband. Jean-Luc Reichmann, very amused by this situation, even encouraged Michèle: “A very nice revenge on the life you take madam!” Unfortunately, Michèle had a big opponent, the great champion Paul, who made it all in one bite!

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