The great trick to put sunscreen on your back

Alone on the sand, eyes in the water and ... not a prince charming on the horizon to help you apply your sunscreen. So yes, for the arms, legs, face and cleavage, you don't need anyone. But for the back, how to do it? Even by contorting in all directions, it is failure, even the stiff neck guaranteed. Good news for abandoned mermaids, the American brand My Cabana Boy has designed a pole that clips to the sunscreen and allows you to reach all parts of the body, in every corner.

How it works ?

My Cabana Boy v2.0 SG from My Cabana Boy on Vimeo.

First essential step: say goodbye to the classic thick cream, difficult to penetrate, and opt for the solar mist which protects you with a spray, without the need to spread it out afterwards. Insert this sun protection into the pole, adjust it to its height and lock everything. All you have to do is press the shutter button to apply the mist to the body.

Available in 3 acidulous colors and easy to take in the bag, this pole costs $ 13.99, or about € 12.4. Small significant bonus, it can also be used when returning from the beach to put on moisturizing mist, after-sun or even tanning.

My Cabana Boy, $ 13.99,

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How to Apply Sunscreen on Your Own Back (May 2020)

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