The ivory beaded beaded hat

A beautiful soft yarn in cashmere and wool, a classic knitting stitch and this is the most comfortable of the hats. Also the explanations of the geometric sweater with flared sleeves and why not the matching snood.

Head circumference: about ø 56 cm


Rico Essentials Cashmere Recycled dk knitting yarn Cream color 001, 3 balls (Rico Design) at

Knitting needles n ° 3 (Rico Design)

Cream faux fur pompom (Rico Design)

Employee point

Pearl ribs (even number of meshes)

Row 1: selvedge stitch, knit all sts, selvedge stitch.

Row 2: selvedge stitch, * 1 double stitch (ie: stitch in the stitch of the previous row, and knit 1 stitch; the stitch on the needle is loosened), 1 reverse stitch; repeat from *, edge stitch.

Repeat rows 1 and 2.


10 x 10 cm = 22 stitches and 46 rows in beaded rib


Cast on 104 stitches and between the edge stitches, knit in beaded ribs. When the piece measures approx. 18 cm, decrease as follows: Row 1 (right row): selvedge stitch, * knit 3 together, knit 3, repeat from *, finish with 3 right stitches, selvedge stitch = 70 stitches.

Work 5 rows without decrease.

Row 7 (place row): edge stitch, * 3 stitches together at the right, 1 stitch stitch; repeat from *, finish with 1 stitch, edge stitch = 36 stitches.

Work 3 rows without decrease.

Row 11 (right row): selvedge stitch, * 3 stitches together, 1 knit; repeat from *, finish with 3 stitches together at the right side, edge stitch = 18 stitches.

Work 1 row without decrease.

Row 13 (right row): selvedge stitch, always knit 2 stitches together at right side, selvedge stitch = 10 stitches.

Cut the wire, keeping a sufficient length to pass it through the remaining stitches and tighten.


Close the back seam. Moisten the hat and shape it, let it dry. Sew the faux fur pompom to the tip of the hat.

Rico Design creation.
Writing: Elisabeth Renaudat.

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