The new Slimming Special Edition is on newsstands

Are you addicted to hamburger and fries? Did you gain 20 pounds during your pregnancy? Can't help but snack? In the new Slimming Special Edition from Razor Girl Press, each of you will find a diet adapted to your situation.

Our specialists have concocted 14 detailed programs, with personalized advice depending on your level of motivation, and the menus and recipes to reach your goal in 3 weeks without losing your smile.

Our journalists also tested the latest slimming creams and the machines that wipe out the dimples. Bonus, an online contest to win 15 Linecoaching programs lasting 3 months to lose weight through behavioral therapies.

On newsstands from April 23, 4.50 euros.

Read also : our test bench on slimming lingerie, our tests to assess your motivation and our tips for sustainable weight loss

On video : advice from Jean-Philippe Zermati, nutritionist.

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