The trendy varnishes of spring-summer 2015

The envy of this season? A rainbow manicure that inspires femininity and good humor. To achieve this, a panoply of bold colors, in ultra-shiny textures that magically embellish your hands with their light effects. A color chart is available to you: carmine red, fuchsia, royal blue or the timeless coral which remains the favorite summer color for women.

The most daring of you will dare a solar yellow or mimosa to wear in French instead of the traditional white line or on a single nail to boost a pastel green or lilac varnish. Trendy, "pantone" gradations are also displayed if you play the right chords ... tangerine / red, turquoise / navy or light pink / candy pink. On a single nail, in two-color French, sailor style or for a super pepsy effect, in a jumble on each nail… Whatever you want, always stay in the same range of colors and let your creativity speak.

Pro tip: save your nails a few centimeters
Easy, if you choose the Italian laying technique. The goal: on short and rounded nails (this lengthens them more than the square shape), to approach the contours without ever touching the cuticles and making sure to leave a very light "corridor" of 0.5 to 1 mm from each side. By optical effect, the nails then appear longer and thinner.

Thanks to Elsa Deslandes, manicure-consultant Gemey Maybelline and to Kamel, manicure expert Yves Saint Laurent.

Fiery colors, blue on the horizon or blooming roses, find the top polishes of the season.

Before you start applying your varnish, make a homemade manicure by following our video tutorial (below)

Moschino Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show (May 2020)

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