This winter, we are customizing our soups!

To transform a simple mushroom cream soup into a dish that will thrill your taste buds with pleasure, bet on topings. Revisit your traditional soup recipes and decorate them as you wish, playing on the marriage of flavors. If you're short on time, you can whip up your ready-made soup brick by adding two or three ingredients of choice.

Classic but timeless, croutons will add crunch to your soups. For this, you can use plain toast, rubbed with garlic, or lightly oiled. The greediest can opt for cheese - fresh, diced, in mousse or on a slice of bread - or cold meats - pancetta chips, grilled chorizo ​​or smoked ham. Conversely, some fresh vegetables will bring a touch of freshness to your soup.

Do you like seafood? Accompany your soup with scallops, shrimp or tuna crumbs, or garnish with salmon eggs. If you are feeling creative, do not hesitate to draw pretty arabesques with a hint of crème fraîche or coconut milk (for a touch of exoticism ...) when serving.

To give more flavor to your soup, you can also sprinkle it with some aromatic herbs, pink berries or even crushed hazelnuts. More original, place a fried quail egg or a poached egg in the center of your bowl, accompanied by a toast of toast.

Small detail that changes everything: also vary the container. To change the soup plate and the bowl, serve your soups in verrines, in a hollowed out vegetable or in any pretty container - as long as it is clean and watertight!

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