Too fun these lip balms

Tugging lips? AIE Aie Aie ! Stay calm (it says so ...) and bet on these new balms as pretty as moisturizing!

Enriched in nourishing oils, they soothe, plump and gently protect our pretty lips, for a very soft mouth.
In addition, they are available in 5 shades. Nude for cocoon days, red for a more glamorous look, amethyst to wake up the complexion, pink to play it girly or fuchsia for an evening make-up.

We want them all!

Made in London, these sticks make us smile, with their message and their British look. So quickly, we slip them into our handbag, because at any time of the day, what is certain, is that they will put some balm in our hearts.

Keep calm, Rimmel London, € 4.50. Preview at Monoprix

Wondering how to get a luscious mouth? The answer in video!

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