Top Chef 2019: have one of the final dishes delivered to you

The tenth season of the Top Chef cooking competition is coming to an end. On May 8, the two remaining candidates will compete in the grand final. And to avoid suffering in front of his dish of butter shells, why not taste the dish of one of the candidates? In collaboration with M6, Uber Eats, offers to deliver, to Parisians, the final dish.

From TV to plate

Baptiste Renouard, a candidate eliminated from Jean-François Piège's team, seems delighted with this project. "With Uber Eats and M6, I have the chance to cross the screen. ”Because he’s the one who will cook the dishes for this special operation. Accompanied by three cooks and a manager he trained, the unsuccessful candidate intends to revisit "a final dish”With his brigade. This surprise dish (for now) will then be sent to viewers who have ordered on the app. An advertisement that should help the 27-year-old chef, who just opened his own restaurant in Rueil-Malmaison, called Ocher, in January.

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The young chef had already collaborated with Uber Eats by cooking his mackerel in white wine.

How to order

To order this dish, it's very simple, just download the Uber Eats app. You can order this exceptional dish only on the evenings of May 8, 9 and 10 next, in Paris. Click on the banner “The Top Chef final". You will discover the dish offered simultaneously on television, during its preparation. count € 10 per dish and € 2.50 delivery.
For the less fortunate, Baptiste will show on video on social networks his recipe and his tips for cooking this dish.

Good tasting.

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