Two cheese platters for the holidays

Tradi or trendy? Our expert Claire Sicard (from the blog Les Fromages de Clairette) has concocted the ideal cheese platter for you. Say "cheese"!


Laurent Rouvrais

A balanced and generous assortment: cut the Ste-Maure-de-Touraine into soft rings; immerse your spoon in the pleated Mont d'Or or savor its melting texture; taste the Cantal with a fruity flavor and (re) discover the Maroilles and its inimitable taste ... And to finish, a thin slice of Fourme d'Ambert will make you melt.

Good agreements : Serve these cheeses with a glass of fruity Sauvignon, some hazelnuts and a little peach chutney with chilli (


Laurent Rouvrais

It's tasting time: unveil the Mothais-sur-feuille, sweet and creamy goat cheese; Langres, soft paste with a washed and fruity rind; the Tomme with wild flowers with its crust studded with dried flowers and its original taste or the Stilton, blue-veined dough of English origin that is both soft and strong.

Good agreements : accompany this platter with a light Arbois red wine and dried fruit crakers. They will surprise your guests for sure!

His blog: Clairette cheeses

If you are a fan of soft pasta, parsley pasta or pressed pasta of all kinds, go quickly to the Clairette blog. Originally from Auvergne and Parisian by adoption, she has been making you live her passion for cheese for over a year: detailed cooking recipes, good addresses (cheese dairies, wine bars, etc.): something to pique your curiosity and give you want to discover these beautiful products.

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