Unwavering cookies & shortbread!

Cookies and shortbread are always emulated by young and old! Soft, crunchy, with chocolate chips or flavored, these cookies are available endlessly. Simple and easy to make, children can even put their hands in the dough and make lively cakes with cookie cutters of all shapes.

Accompanied by a coffee, during your tea time or at tea time, biscuits are always a great success! The sands are even part of Christmas folklore in many French and German regions, especially in Alsace where one can find stalls filled with shortbread of all kinds on Christmas markets. They are decorated with many colored icings and cinnamon, ginger, chocolate, vanilla or hazelnuts are waiting for you!

Of course, what appeals most to shortbread cookies is their aspects, gourmet, colorful, iced and decorated to be the most fun to make and especially the most appetizing. Choose original cookie cutters and pastry decorations such as sugar balls, multicolored vermicelli or even icing pens. Thus, you can make small chewable clouds, shortbread scrabble or milk chocolate cows.

Big star in the world of cookies: cookies ! Round and dry cookies from the United States, cookies are generally decorated with small chocolate chips, but also available for all tastes. Innovate and offer cookies with carambar pieces, Macadamia nuts or white chocolate / cranberries, for example.

Do not hesitate to think outside the box and revisit traditional cookies, such as lemon shortbread macaroon or saltbread caramel shortbread. For even more fantasy, flavor your shortbread with surprising and unusual flavors such as rose / orange blossom or green tea / melon.

Let’s finish with the basis of a successful pie: the shortbread dough and its unbeatable recipe!

By Anaïs Thiébaux

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