Video - 100 years of beauty in France making the buzz

That's it, it's France's turn ! The collective Cut looked at the canons of beauty of French women from 1910 to 2010.

In a video of less than two minutes, you can see how women have evolved in their hairstyle or beauty.
We can especially notice the regular change of the eyebrow shapes. A subject which, as we know in beauty writing, is particularly dear to you.

Some looks should remind of memories to a few of you, a notched square in the 1920s style, "sauerkraut" like Brigitte Bardot for the sixties, or a look of U.S series from the 90s.
Note also the vintage accessories that complement the hairstyles and beauty look over the decades.

After videos paying homage to the beauty of Brazilians, Japanese and American women, for this episode on the beauty of French women, we address a big cocorico to the Cut collective.

"100 Years of Beauty -"

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