VIDEO - 5 tips to finally find your own style

1 - trust yourself

First, take stock of what you really like and what enhances your figure the most - the cut that suits you best, the material in which you feel good or the colors that go with your complexion. Trust yourself and assume your choices by wearing only what you love 100%!

2 - Change your habits

Vary your shopping route and dare to try what you like (go beyond your prejudices) because if your habits do not change, there is little chance that your style will change ...

3 - Stop copying and pasting

Stop copying and pasting magazines, networks, or friends. If you do not have the same morphology or budget, the rendering will be disappointing and the frustration more and more present.

4 - We stop the “it is necessary that" & "I cannot"

Stop shopping with the criteria " it is necessary " or by " need But by reconnecting with pleasure. Buy only clothes that make you happy and that, like a child, you will want to wear all the time and right away!

5 - Bye-bye to what you like

We are making a clean sweep of the past. Throw away anything you can no longer see or that you don't want in your closet. If certain clothes weigh on you, chances are that it also saps your creativity.

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