VIDEO - A glamorous glittery smoky-eye for the holidays

Be resplendent at Christmas or on your 31st New Year's Eve, by opting for this idea of ​​glamorous makeup as you wish. We will explain everything to you !

To achieve this glittery look, you'll need :

- A kohl pencil

- A black mascara

- Your palette of brushes

- A palette of eyeshadows in brown tones

Start by lightly applying make-up to the lining of the eye using a kohl pencil in brown tones, then also color the mobile eyelid taking care to stretch the material with your finger. Then, using a small brush, color the underside of the eye with light brown to highlight the look, without going too low so as not to bring out the dark circles, then continue on the mobile eyelid.

Make up the rest of the eyelid with brown and slightly plum shades, and come and refine the make-up by drawing a line close to the lashes, using a fine, colored brush. plum.

Finish the makeup by taking the glittery tint of your palette, and applying it on the eyelid, and under the eye. Do not hesitate to add glitter using a fine brush in the inner hollow of the eye, and in the outer corner to stretch the look and make it sparkle as much as possible.

Finally, enhance your eyelashes with a layer of black mascara. And shine brightly!

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Glamour Holiday Smokey Eye Makeup - Vegas_nay (May 2020)

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