Video: a pretty express red mouth

A radiant smile goes through a color that brightens up a well-drawn mouth. Start by emphasizing the outline of your lips with a pencil to define the contours. In addition, this will prevent the red or gloss from spinning during the day. Then apply the color. The make-up artist's tip to correct an error or simply light up the lips. With a highlighter pen, apply a little bit of material to the outside and blend with a large brush.

If my lips are too thin

The goal: to widen the outline.

  • Starting from the top draw the arc but without exceeding more than 2 millimeters, then draw the arc below and join the two lines.
  • With the same pencil, fill the entire lip and blend with the fine brush.
  • Then apply the lipstick with this fine brush.
  • Stay on a mat effect that structures the lips well. Drop a shiny and glittery touch just in the center of the lip to bring relief.

If I have fine lines

  • Start by applying a fixing base dedicated to this area, which fills in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Then put on your lipstick.

If my lips are thick

  • Do not try to reduce the volume by not depositing the red up to the edge of the lips.
  • Avoid wearing a bold color that catches the eye. Prefer a slightly tinted gloss and enhance the complexion and eyes with nice makeup.

If there is an asymmetry

  • Choose the side you prefer and, with a lip pencil, draw the other side in symmetry.
  • Then fill with lipstick.

Thanks to Clarins

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